World Record!! 137Mana/s Passive REGEN Storm Spirit by canceL^^ Dota 2


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World Record!! 137Mana/s Passive REGEN Storm Spirit by canceL^^ Dota 2
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  1. jstfku says


  2. Nescel John Salabsab says

    Nice Arcana

  3. edwin laggui says

    no arcana for me

  4. Sainil Mak says

    insane storm

  5. Hanz PH says

    So cool

  6. Wanda Wanda says

    Win pls

  7. Rey Noel Enmenso says

    Nc storm

  8. Gracita Hidalgo says

    Cancel god

  9. JeanPierre Savella says

    Goodluck guys

  10. ivan aguilar says

    good game!!

  11. Alexander Romeo Pilco Tasso says

    izi arcana

  12. alex herrera says


  13. Rahmat Hapis says


  14. Tamir pol says


  15. Alexander Nash says

    Noob enemy lol

  16. Gilmer Romero Melendrez says

    Ez storm gg

  17. Okiks Gaming says

    Thanks to this i learn new things about storm. Arcana Thanks

  18. Aditya Kadam says

    Why enemy team didn't bought bkb ? He was playing against low mmr

  19. Elder Rojo says

    Oh arcana pls! N

  20. Muhammed Seferi says

    Best storm ever. I ever seen..
    And sven really trash lose game

  21. white night says

    totally rape ez mid GG

  22. dzul sendi says


  23. KoaLa TOK says

    Need money for dog food

  24. Gissy Juth says

    Fcking Nice

  25. Flex Pro says

    Bloodstone, shivas,linkins =ggwp

  26. Cristian Allcca Aiquipa says

    he doesn't need mana xddd

  27. Tyrone says

    Fattest storm if iv ever seen 1

  28. Micro TM says

    Reqs for arcana

  29. Leela Reddy says

    Nc game

  30. Jetha Odd says

    its pretty good

  31. Alexis Z says

    0:34 hake-mate Mirana…. 7d

  32. Jm Sangria says

    Op 30+ bloodstone charge

  33. Ussud Hyea says

    🍀N.е.-е.d а.n a👌r.c.a.n.a?🍀
    🍀T.h-.e.n 👌c.o.m.e👌 t.o m.e🍀
    🍀T.I.-M.E👌 I.S👌 L.I.M.I.T.E.D🍀

  34. GD Bryan says

    Nais :v

  35. Xuyan Tamang says


  36. Mark Müller says

    Sawasdee krab

  37. Asyraf Shukri says

    Arcana.. niceee

  38. Giles Bonnelle Juanir says


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