World of Warcraft Soundtrack (Full)


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World of Warcraft OST.
Composers: Jason Hayes, Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford

0:00 Legends of Azeroth
2:43 The Shaping of the World
5:11 Legacy
7:39 Song of Elune
9:57 Echoes of the Past
11:53 A Call to Arms
14:14 Seasons of War
17:15 Orgrimmar
22:00 Stormwind
32:55 Thunder Bluff
39:14 Ironforge
46:41 Ironforge Alternate
51:09 Gnomeregan
53:19 Undercity
57:23 Darnassus
1:03:16 Enchanted Forest
1:11:10 Forest
1:17:35 Barren Dry
1:22:52 Desert
1:29:11 Cursed Land
1:35:43 Plains
1:39:55 Mountain
1:48:31 Evil Forest
1:55:20 Soggy Place
2:02:22 Jungle
2:08:31 Volcanic
2:13:20 Ghost
2:14:24 Tavern – Horde
2:17:02 Tavern – Alliance
2:18:40 Angelic
2:19:30 Gloomy
2:20:46 Sacred
2:21:22 Haunted
2:23:25 Magic
2:25:36 Mystery
2:27:32 Spooky
2:28:00 Swamp
2:28:30 Battle
2:33:07 Zul’Gurub – Voodoo
2:34:33 Darkmoon Faire
2:37:47 PVP 1
2:38:36 PVP 2
2:39:31 Ahn’Qiraj – Intro
2:41:56 Ahn’Qiraj – Exterior
2:46:18 Ahn’Qiraj – Interior
2:51:50 Ahn’Qiraj – Triangle Room
2:54:06 Ahn’Qiraj – King Room
2:55:21 Naxxramas – Hub Base
2:57:53 Naxxramas – Interior
3:06:48 Naxxramas – Spider Wing
3:10:11 Naxxramas – Spider Boss
3:12:13 Naxxramas – Plague Wing
3:16:02 Naxxramas – Plague Boss
3:17:31 Naxxramas – Abomination Wing
3:20:36 Naxxramas – Abomination Boss
3:22:45 Naxxramas – Frostwyrm
3:27:01 Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad
3:31:25 Sapphiron (Mosaic)
3:32:15 Mystery
3:41:55 PVP 3
3:42:37 PVP 4
3:43:42 PVP 5

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  1. Διονυσης Κοτσιρης says

    3:16:02 Loatheb 40 man nightmares are still haunting me today.Now that classic is coming out,I cant wait for people to observe what a torturing but fun adventure naxx 40 is.

  2. Selfmade Rogue says

    I fucking miss it sooooo bad 😭

  3. Quarz_dk says

    back when wow wasn't just a game, it was a world, with the new music and zones it feels overly popularized in the sense that they made it a movie feeling instead of a real-time feeling.

  4. Jessica Haro says


  5. István Pelyhe says

    Thank you for music.

  6. Umega Darkstar says

    Oh Man, it'll be a while before I can play World of Warcraft: Classic. The WoW of today has changed too much…

  7. Evil Seeds Grow Naturally says

    [1.General]: There’s two level ?? rogues corpsecamping us at expedition camp, can some lvl 60 come and help us please???

  8. Ashton Mills says

    Anyone remember the porn server?
    The server with only naked people in the Inn dancing away….I was 14 by that time…Memories (I didn't join the game instantly I joined in 2014)

  9. atomicjunk says

    You're the REAL MVP for uploading this with no breaks for ads. Thank you.

  10. E s t o y b a c K says

    Seasons of War

  11. Makoto Tachibana says

    29:06 don't thank me

  12. Friend of yours says

    holy shit fam

  13. The Batman Who Laughs says

    I haven't been able to play WoW in almost a year.

  14. fuckyougoogle says

    UGLY sound quality -1

  15. Zain Taylor says

    The alliance tavern music brings back so many memories from when I started paying and exploring the hills of gnome area. The World of Warcraft will always be burned in my memories ✊🏼

  16. Adam Jensen says

    where can i download to mp3 individually and how many tracks

  17. Vanessa Porubská says

    I loved WoW, it was my childhood ❤️ never forget ❤️ I wanna play it now ❤️

    Anyone else in 2018? 😂

  18. Fabian Windhagauer says

    28:44 always gives me goosebumps!

  19. Nachtelfficker says

    where can I find this " da da da da da daaa" ?

  20. varghedin says

    1:48:31 – I remember slipping across the river from Elwynn forest and daring to enter Duskwood on my newbie human toon, and being so scared of the music and the darkness and the evil monsters in there. The mood of that place really stems mostly from the creepy tunes slipping out from the mist.

  21. siskavard says

    good times

  22. Jay Rauken says

    Yo who is excited for WoW classic?

  23. Brandon Meares says


  24. Gi M says

    Almost full nostalgia. Unfortunately there is 1 piece missing which gives me the chills, the original wow website in the PVP gear section where you could display the Grand Marshal gear, that theme is forever gone.

  25. Gareth says

    Nothing personel, kid!

  26. RobiDiphenylchloroarsine says

    2:15:48 That moment you stepped into Gallows' End Tavern way back in vanilla, it can still be heard on the pile of skulls in Razorfen Downs.

    Cheers to my Forsaken brethren, victory for Sylvanas.

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