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  1. A-jhay Apostadero says


  2. Fiona Roberts says

    who noticed he had steves skin the whole time

  3. UnstoppableGaming says

    Actually, when you lose all your goddess flowers if you make another goddess pond you get more

  4. Nataliia Tymchyshena says

    Stardew Valley in minecraft???????

  5. mangle the fox says

    He said that he was placing beetroot but he was placing eggplant

  6. mangle the fox says

    Did anyone else notice that Dan has a Steeve skin?

  7. Madori Butcher says

    I do. Do you!!!😰 oh soory

  8. Jason Robinson says

    you should make paths

  9. Rachael Tospell says


  10. seanvivuong says

    You should get the inventory pet so you don’t drop all of your stuff when you die!

  11. walter aparicio says

    21:53 is funny

  12. GGC - Girls Gaming and Crafts says

    Ummm Dan your steave

  13. DerpPop 10 says

    And Dan is Steve?

  14. DerpPop 10 says

    What the what? Bruh? Two Dans ._.

  15. walter aparicio says

    2153 is funnyXD

  16. Owaisboi222 Shah says


  17. Jay_Studios says


  18. Matthew Burger says

    I didn't know you can talk to dantdm.. I'm his biggest fan

  19. The Sqweeky Voice says

    4:36 dan sweared!

  20. Paola Mendez says

    Dan, you can always recreate the goddess flower 🌷🌸

  21. Paola Mendez says

    Dan, why do you have the Steve skin?

  22. Lewis Villabroza says


  23. Vardra77 People says

    Love you dan

  24. Blue Bunny Reads says

    Sing ho for the life of a bear. Sing ho for the expedition.

  25. Khian Suyom says

    Wow carrots its my favorite food and apple…

  26. R Family says

    Wye is Dan steve

  27. Sawm Noodles says

    Who else just realised that dan has watched DEATHNOTE

  28. Jennifer Foster says

    Why is your skin Steve?

  29. DaynesLuarca Family says

    I saw Cole in the pond (Hint) 😉 ^_^

  30. Maricela Lopez says

    Why is you're skin noob Steve

  31. Julien Modak says

    Did you here’re that when he what’s citing in the cave he said a bad word

  32. Toxic Fade says

    Tucking squids in water!😡

  33. Inès Younkins says

    Autumn 10th-Eggplant day

  34. Temmie The Retro one says

    You're a legend!
    From DanTDM
    [From the beggining of the series to the end]

  35. ProperMinecraft Noob says

    I’m leaching off of these poor people that look

  36. leo mode says

    Sniper is a great place to work for and I am very excited about this opportunity and and

  37. leo mode says

    And the fact that you have a lot to do in your own business

  38. Thuong Xuan Nguyen (Win) says

    Dan your Steve not Dan TDM

  39. Charlie rose Wicker says

    I am just watching you and I feel ill because I just have a bellyache 😭🤮🤮

  40. Justin Estby says

    This is so coal

  41. Adrian Armenta says

    Dan would you want to play Roblox with me

  42. Bruna Tessari says

    get one pet from Cindy

  43. deasos16 MacnCheese says

    what happend to your ski

  44. Bree Against the world says

    Your player is Steve❓

  45. The sign Of freedom says

    I swear if he doesn’t make the goddess pond

  46. ELI MATTESON says

    P.S. what happened to your skin

  47. ELI MATTESON says

    Same! You can also make a new flower!

  48. Julia Hubrich says


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