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WAR IS SERIOUSLY INSANE! Hope y’all enjoy. Thanks to Activision for flying me out and letting me capture!
● COD WWII multiplayer sniping gameplay:

I had the opportunity to play Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer today at E3 and it was incredible! I’m not exaggerating, not overhyping, I truly believe that Call of Duty is back. COD WW2 is EXACTLY what this community wanted (and needed). It’s going to be a great year for Call of Duty! Thanks to Activision for flying me out, putting me in a hotel, and giving me the chance to capture!

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  1. TmarTn says

    Drop a like and leave a comment with your twitter handle if you want to win an official WWII snapback!

  2. Sarat Chandra says

    Feminazi's everywhere!! 😂😂😂😂

  3. 4K NATION says

    I think you should limit your death while playing!!!

  4. Coleece Gill says

    I so scribe

  5. Maydin Lima says

    That is a good game and try not to loos

  6. wdjl Abdenur says


  7. ShakalShot says

    Please Tmar give your best setup for war game mod. Thanks.

  8. Daniel Vazquez says

    pero que succionada es esa de voces femeninas….

  9. Ge Lee says


  10. Harvey Bailey says

    i know what 2 gun you pick it was m1 grand i know by the reload

  11. Damian Gonzalez says

    I liked

  12. Curisca 2.0 says

    It's just a game

  13. Muh fuggin z says

    Bets war class: Armored division: any gun: hunker: smoke grenade

  14. Big Baller says

    I love you

  15. Santos Joshh says

    tmar whatever you do, in an online game, you don't aim!

  16. Donivan Karfelt says

    Love this game

  17. Octi Jalife says

    What gun is he using?

  18. sertoria roberson says

    love you video

  19. Lucas017 says

    Boots , noob lol

  20. Rexzilla says

    If they just HAD to put women in the game then they shouldve had some sort of focus on field hospitals that were waayy back in the rear… But do NOT make up our history…

    And The War game mode is just a shitty Operation from Bf1. This game literally makes me just want to play Bf1, which is what i usually end up doin.

  21. Mustafa Zombie says

    Come on there were no women or black German soldiers in ww2???

  22. Liquified Ice In a Bottle says

    War isn’t actually new, we had it in WaW. But it’s my favorite game mode also

  23. Marco Mark Productions says

    i really want to like this game

  24. Navy Vet. Gaming says

    They put women in the game so they dont piss off all the damn femanists took out the swastika to not piss off the jewish and to all of you bitchin about not being immersive if u want immersive join the fuckin military

  25. Poop Pirates says

    I'm curious why he couldn't show us some of the clips. Do u guys know?

  26. Darrinton Robinson says

    Bruh it’s nothing but a game there are girls in this world that play this game who wants a female character.

  27. Chillinee says

    A world war 2 game with women. Poor veterans cant even get respected for a war they fought. “Oh women did as much as men did” My ass.

  28. TinyTom23 says

    Tom bray

  29. Abdelsalam Nasser says

    Nice video 😉

  30. Balistick51 says

    CoD need this War Mode and it's fantastic!

  31. Connor Leone says

    Your not very good

  32. Tostito Chips Gaming says

    I don't have a twitter handle:(

  33. FightingFireFilmz says

    And this is why bf1 is ways better

  34. A.R Coaster Guy says

    Looks like a cheap rip off of battlefield 1 sorry but, a black women, German solider? Are you serious? That's some bullshit.

  35. Killjoy0329 says

    I honestly did not know that 50% of the military fighting in world war 2 are made up of female soldiers

  36. Matthew Tenea says


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