Twitch Livestream | Red Dead Redemption II Part 3 [Xbox One]


Views: 31231 | Rating: 4.92 | View Time: 5:43:31 Minutes | Likes: 257 | Disslikes: 4

**This stream was recorded on October 28th, 2018**

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  1. HumanMordecai says

    Fucking lost it when Ray spammed dead-eye on that cat and screamed "FUCK YOOOUU!!!"

  2. MrChubbyGames says

    At 2:41:20 it kind of looks like the horse barfed up the bits into the bit cup

  3. Nushi1098 says

    Thought it was going to be Chris Tucker, but it was in fact Eddie Murphy

  4. PeferG17 says

    1:30:50 Today Ray learned why you never walk behind a horse…

  5. Chris Pinzon says

    Ray is definitely playing a chaotic neutral character

  6. Allura Nice says

    1:36:00 duh he's a fucking time traveler, 1920's my bet

  7. EverybodyKnowsWhy says

    4:34:44 couldn't have timed it better

  8. ignacio zepeda says

    4:27:51 she send nudes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Kate Ground says

    Man I remember that bear I hunted it killed then could not work out how to get rid of it so had to carry it around till I got robbed out and about by 6 guys got killed and I am guessing they took it as it was gone once I respawned

  10. Jonathan Maas says

    omg clean your guns for once!

  11. SvenEST says

    Stores sell horse revive potions in case EleGiggle dies on you.

  12. Emma says

    Whenever Arthur says 'Faster!' to EleGiggle, I think he's saying 'bastard' and I cannot unhear it

  13. SuzakuDread says

    oh shit its 720p

  14. Michael Diaz says

    i like how everyone in valentine gives ray shit for the tommy incident, yet nobody there brings up the fact that tommy was slamming rays friends head on a table over and over agian, and he threw ray into a window

  15. StandUpTheSoryu says

    "Idiot!" hits tree; silence XD

  16. xImageBreakerx says

    Ray's horse looks like shit.

  17. Robert Bonse says

    I love it early in the stream you're like "It's Good-guy Ray playthrough" Then after mission, guy asks to race, calls you a coward and you shoot him in the back LMAO

  18. Izmael Hernandez says

    The video won’t load Ray wtf

  19. Wyzegy says

    It's maddening to watch people suck at quickdraws.

  20. Countryen says

    5:17:085:18:15 – please, someone clip that πŸ˜€ Made my day

  21. AgroVenom says

    I was able to watch the first two streams of this game just fine, but now YouTube won't let me watch this. What the fuck, and this one's shorter than the others… I hate YouTube sometimes

  22. SuzakuDread says

    dreaded 360p

  23. Noahbudoa says

    God my cock is raging hard

  24. CrowBot923 says

    Ok I wasn't crazy ,that guy was Jeff! Lol so random now I gotta find Jack.

  25. Jolzeres says

    Oh good, I was looking for a reason to deprive myself of sleep

  26. Izmael Hernandez says

    Big Daddy Ray dropping this as soon as I finished the last one

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