The OTHER Call of Duty Game Coming in 2019 (Alpha Gameplay)


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The OTHER Call of Duty Game Coming in 2019 (Alpha Gameplay)
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Thanks to Techzamazing for the gameplay:
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The OTHER Call of Duty Game Coming in 2019 (Alpha Gameplay)


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  1. Chaos says

    the other Cod of 2019!

  2. Gesù boss says


  3. Brine 02 says

    Hype!! Also, oh yeah yeah

  4. karma tam says

    People don’t realize
    Mobile gaming is much bigger than console

  5. thebreadman says

    How come I can't get I live in Australia

  6. [آآلَقَےـآآئد] آآيّےـمِےـنٌےـ says

    When this game will release it

  7. Oh yeah yeah says

    Oh yeah yeah (I’m still devoted)

  8. Ryan Schanfish says

    Known about this for a while. Also been tested in China

  9. Best 104 says


  10. Twey Wentz says

    Can we get it now

  11. Lor D says

    I can’t wait to emulate this on pc

  12. Simon Ghost Riley says

    Yes I Respawned Again A Years Ago lol

  13. Simon Ghost Riley says

    Im here¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦Lol

  14. Henri Baret says

    I hope they won't add aim assist or automatic fire.

  15. Oscar Noyola says

    Hopefully they add a shooting button and no auto shoot

  16. PokeBurnPlease says

    there already is cod zombies on mobile

  17. Harold Endicott IV says

    I need this now.

  18. Pedro Teodoro says

    Zombies, TranZit, ahhhhhh

  19. TXGAMER7 says

    Lol wait til those micro transactions hit 💀

  20. The Angry Gamer says

    Why don’t they just release a game like this for console instead of games like bo4 🙄

  21. Kahlil JnBaptiste says

    Hi i'm a long time sub i love your content by the way i would love a PS4 because i never had a game console i love one to play with my little bro keep up the great work keep it up ✌

  22. Troy Parson says

    I hope it’s controller compatible

  23. Eazy Toogood says

    R.I.P COD

  24. xBoldHyper says

    iOS got Fortnite Mobile and now android got COD mobile

  25. Logan Kamler says

    This is soooo coool

  26. Robert Varwig says

    It's gonna be huge.

  27. Robert Varwig says

    The older maps look so good

  28. Ryan Kraus says

    I can't find the game

  29. Hotshot 19 says

    Is it going to be free tho??

  30. fernando says

    Gonna play this with a controller and wipe ppls thumbs

  31. Masood Habibi says

    i want to get the ps4 because i cant afford to get one and also i have been dreaming to get one @Masood82312223

  32. Oh no no no no no says

    Actually looks rly good did not expect that

  33. pooper scooper says

    Tranzit needs to be on bo4 and buried

  34. I Had An Unique Name TBH says

    Can you give link to the 'juggernaut' video?

  35. bloodyninja 4200 says

    Will it be free or will it cost because either will definitely be playing this game.

  36. Reagency _ says

    Why are they making 2 if they can’t even make one? 😫

  37. STS-Gamer says

    If the réales a cod black ops 2 remake I will do everything to get the game it’s my favourite cod game

  38. Blood Dragon42 Old Channel says

    Bruh its such an off brand mobile game THERES A BLACK OPS MAP IN AN MODERN WARFARE THEMED GAME… Smh

  39. Co2 Froztty says

    My question is…why didn't they just do this on console then transfer it to mobile after successful

  40. yannick gonzalez says

    Is the game free

  41. Mayank Is Live says

    I want a ps4 to play exclusives @MayankParti

  42. Nitroh says

    finally something for us Aussies

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