The i7-8086K with 5GHz is here, with 8086 CPUs Being GIVEN Away….!

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Intel are celebrating their 40th year anniversary with a massive LIMITED giveaway (Limited to: US, CHINA, GERMANY, CANADA, FRANCE, UK, SOUTH KOREA, TAIWAN & JAPAN) check in the link below if you can enter, though you have to be quick!

Basically here at the Gigabyte Booth covering some of the latest features in their motherboards too, and Gigabyte seem to be renewing their focus to quality with their z370 line up of boards.

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38 thoughts on “The i7-8086K with 5GHz is here, with 8086 CPUs Being GIVEN Away….!”

  1. Giveaway link is in the description, also it is limited to the following countries: US, CHINA, GERMANY, CANADA, FRANCE, UK, SOUTH KOREA, TAIWAN & JAPAN, so I guess I can't enter… unless I stay in Taiwan permanently lol….

  2. I just ordered Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Z370 Motherboard since I have three Samsung 960 Pro NVMe M.2 SSDs, and i7 8086k (limited edition) to replace i7 7700k. And of course, will delid IHS and apply Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on the die for better overclocking experience!

  3. Ah the 8086k, the pinnacle of Intel's stupidity. They get ton of bad press, they lie about their products (28 core 5ghz my ass), they barely are keeping the lead in pc-gaming while giving way in every other imaginable way to Ryzen and now this….

    IntelGuy1: Guys, we are in a shitter and anniversary of 8086 is comming, what shall we do?
    IntelGuy2: I know! lets release the anniversary i7!
    IntelGuy1: Thats a great idea IntelGuy2! But don't you think we should make something special about it?
    IntelGuy2: Like what?
    IntelGuy1: Like, I don't know… try to use it in order to get some good relations with people again after all the shit we've pulled recently? While all we have to offer is basically i7-8700k with a different name?
    IntelGuy2: Nah man, just increase the price.
    IntelGuys1: "cum in pants"

  4. Since they're basically telling MOST countries to go f* themselves, I'm telling Intel to go f* themselves. I'm sick of their lies and schemes, they can shove those cpus where the Sun won't reach, I'm going AMD next upgrade. At least they showcase NEW cpus, and show 'reality', that 28 core 5ghz bullshit intel showcased only shows how low they think of their customers. They're getting their ass kicked big time, and that is most deserved. Intel: Go F*CK yourself. 😉

  5. For all the people screaming about Intel sucks or not my country. They didn't have to do a giveaway. It is costing them 3.4 million dollars product value, If you want one so bad just buy one. Do you see AMD giving away 3.4 million dollars worth of Cpus or anything?

    Sweepstakes Prizes and Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): Grand Prize: Eight thousand and eighty-six (8,086) Grand Prizes will be awarded. The Grand Prize consists of one (1) Intel Processor Core i7 Chip (ARV: $425USD). Limit: One (1) prize per person during the Sweepstakes Period. Total ARV of all prizes is $3,436,550USD.
    Country/Region Number of Winners and Prizes Awarded
    United States 2,086
    Mainland China 2,000
    Germany 1,000
    Canada 500
    France 500
    The United Kingdom 500
    South Korea 500
    Taiwan 500
    Japan 500

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