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SEASON 7 IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Today we have a first look at the new creative game mode in Fortnite! This will let you and your friends build anything YOU WANT in Fortnite! Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you in Season 7!

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  1. Alfie Armstrong says

    I subscribed can I have the vbucks

  2. Matt Frydenlund says

    Stop showing ninja clips. He is literally irrelevant now

  3. Cameron Gilliam says

    Creative mode won鈥檛 really change everything… but I hope I win the giveaway!!!

  4. Veloy Sandoval says

    Great video!

  5. Gege V says

    this shits trash 馃棏, whats the point of a minecraft 2.0 馃え

  6. Ewan Climie says

    Is creative replacing playground ?

  7. Antonio Pezzano says

    Lupos cringe in the chat please

  8. Bror Dammen-Dahl says


  9. Carlos Hernandez says


  10. Miguel Tifa says

    Nuketwon in fortnite

  11. Starboy Gaming says


  12. Josh Leader says

    Tfue is going to have to buy the battle pass if he wants to play creative

  13. fake craig says

    Die in a fucking fire pls -ninja

  14. Hamish Boal says

    It鈥檚 all rng
    Sypherpk 2018

  15. ashwin venkat says


  16. WOLF GAMER says

    I love the videos keep it up

  17. Gooogle Monster says

    Luv the vid

  18. Casper Ammenberg says

    Great video!

  19. Anze Boznar says

    Great video

  20. 注诪讬转 讻专诪讬 拽讬讘诇讘讬抓' says

    I love u

  21. Angelll__ Mancera says

    Fortnite is trying so hard to stay relevant and alive omm

  22. ResetYour Card says

    Fortnite is literally Minecraft after creative mode releases lol

  23. Agent ST says

    0:51 鈥渮ippies鈥

  24. kalebnextdoor says


  25. kalebnextdoor says


  26. GeneralBee says

    So stoked. Gotta grind out these vbucks for early access

  27. jan smith says


  28. Mark Nalivayko says

    I love the video

  29. Erjen Foto says

    Good Video !

  30. matthew masters says

    Dr lupo look like Jimmy neutron

  31. Shawn Sadhwani says

    Great video

  32. Frank Chavez says

    Minecraft lol馃槀馃榿

  33. Never Believe Government says

    that nerd in the first clip is annoying af

  34. faze god says

    Bro that鈥檚 dope

  35. Yo Mama says

    Fortnite is for little kids

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