Sodapoppin banned from World of Warcraft on live stream. . . again


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got suspended from wow due to some nonsense the people who stole my account were involved in while they were logged on. made sure to win the 1v2 despite the GM talking to me

song: Five Armies – Kevin MacLeod (

song in the outro is Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Up and Away (feat. June) – check it out

check out gungho

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  1. František Balún says

    GM says " go to safe place " and he go to teldrassil 😀 not very nice choice

  2. Benjamin Lafon says


  3. AEF _V says

    I got banned just by forgetting my log in

  4. heazy87 says

    did u really have to play that god awful music so loud?

  5. Yong Chiayin says

    fake gm

  6. Bela Ballo says

    If you don't want to get banned, don't stream yourself doing stupid shit like nerd raging.

  7. Shane Rogers says

    hah, I remember this clown. He still around?

  8. Christian Vizaver says

    Is this KSI's old home?

  9. Vanyauksus says

    I got permanent ban because i told my friend "good night"

  10. Dee Dee says

    baned noob

  11. ForumcoldiArchon says

    vanillatimes i got a 72hr ban for calling a friend noob (he reported for fun)

  12. Happy Toast says

    WoW… Will always despise it

  13. tikapinika says

    This dude is super sleazy. Get rid of him for good.

  14. Lex Kusher says

    wow lol

  15. Léon Degrelle says

    За что пидоры?

  16. Walike Karims says

    For views ?

  17. Nick Pippin says

    Girls don't play WoW though

  18. Dyland says

    damn 5 years already time fly :/

  19. Juggalo Task Force says

    I got a 48 hour ban for admitting WoW died in 2009.

  20. Kilik Shihoin says

    Sorry i hit last week same shit

  21. Kilik Shihoin says


  22. Adriano C says

    Why got he banned?

  23. StainderFin says

    Worst ban i ever got in wow 13 years was 3 hours… reason was spamming or afk during battleground lol like 3 hours is nothing.

  24. myroom isverydirty says

    is that how you talk to an idiot that can keep you from playing? you said pyah…here's the definition, I looked it up, it wasn't hard to find…: pyah means go f-ck yourself. usually said after someone makes a stupid remark or is said to someone just being a r-t-rd. is said before walking away without giving a f-ck. /// so I hope you really got bannned, yu deserved it.

  25. 120starter says

    Everyone, report sodapoppin's chars everytime you see him online! Thank you.

  26. filthy dwarf says

    The music s louder than you. And that's a good competition. My ears hurt

  27. shox says

    I got banned for calling a mexican a mexican. Apparently some mexican GM is offended.
    Build the wall.

  28. SeemsLikeSomething says

    God damn can u turn down the effing music so we can hear what you’re even saying. Christ.

  29. Jack Burton says

    U should thank them this game is a joke anyway

  30. Isik says

    what song is he using?

  31. Spydabreej says

    You play feral its enough

  32. Fennekin88 says

    Bast new ever

  33. DizzyGrizzly says

    What was that foolish responce? You didn't mention the hack or anything lol

  34. LeavEyeDDrum says

    Lol you clown

  35. Jonathan Green says

    how bout you come to wowfreakz and say fuck paying for this dumbass game

  36. Khang Huynh says

    I got ban for a day because I told this girl to suck my little nuts

  37. aviationfuel says

    That guy has the worst luck. I've been playing over 8 years and never even talked to a GM, let alone banned.

  38. Brokengamezone says

    Seemed they really looked into this very situation >.> just contact a (REAL) GM and you'll be unbanned the GM that banned you has no say he's an underling only a real GM can unban you

  39. Difionex says


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