QUICK COMPARISON: Battlefield V Alpha vs. Call of Duty WWII Gun Sounds and Reload Animations


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Here are all the guns in the Battlefield V Alpha, compared to their counterparts in Call of Duty WWII. There are some interesting differences in weapon animations – and the sounds are worlds apart. Battlefield V’s weapon sounds are just so much punchier and full bodied than those in Call of Duty WWII.

What do you think?

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  1. _ Core_ says

    BF5 is better for sure

  2. Aaron P says

    Cod Got everything wrong. The fire rate, magazine capacity, reload animations, sounds, just everything quite horrible

  3. Javon Hills says

    Bfv is actually really trash. I rather stay in bf1.

    But i say bf5 is still better. By a little.

  4. Super Sayian 3 Gogeta says

    Bf5 win

  5. Floki Vilgerðarson says

    2:31 The recharge is louder than the actual shot

  6. Amirul Alias says

    why cod ww2 seem blurry while bfv seems much clear and have details?

  7. p. f. says

    Do you sant to read a joke?

    Call of Duty wwii

  8. I like sand says

    wait cods on the nintendo nes oh never mind thats just how it looks

  9. Breyzipp says

    WW2 looks so brown.

  10. David Goser says

    Cómo los comparan jajajja si el WW2 no puede ni superar al battlefield 1 imagínense al battlefield V
    Es como comparar mierda con el chocolate

  11. Taha Imran says

    2:43 How is that reload even possible!?

  12. Taha Imran says

    Cod really need to update their game engine which they have been using since 1999. It looks awful in cod ww2. Also what the hell is wrong with the gun sounds in cod ww2!? They are so quite!

  13. Taha Imran says

    I was a cod fan before but that changed when cod intimate warfare and cod ww2 came out. I became a battlefield fan when I played battlefield 1 (2016). That game blew me away! Now I can't wait for bfv.

  14. T 90 tank says

    Why do we even need to compare COD and battlefield we all know battlefield and COD are not the same style of fps game.

  15. Nathan Kingham says

    Ironically, the reload of the Kar-98 in BFV reminds me about WaW and how you reload snipers in that.

  16. DooM49 says

    Why is this so interesting to watch? i can't stop watching haha

  17. Luke Look says

    I’m a BF player but to be honest most of the COD ones sound better… idk

  18. Tucher97 says

    the video didnt really start and BF5 is already on spot with its gun sound effects while CoD, pop sound effect

  19. Thomas Chui says

    airsoft guns vs real guns lol

  20. Trevor Mellinger says

    Why do COD guns sound like peashooters?

  21. Reza Ghasemi says

    Why lots of cod sounds are same?

  22. Anthony Duenas says

    Battlefield 5 wins

  23. DarkshadowXD63 says

    To be honest COD got left in the dust ever since BF3 came out

  24. GlodChip says

    Sound design in BF is always amazing.

  25. Pro Gaming 3000 says

    You should notice that the Kar98k on cod that even if you want to reload just one bullet the animation shows five bullets being put in the magazine

  26. MrHustler says

    Got to love the Power of the BF 🙂

  27. Ganesh Jadhav says

    Alright which one of you idiots still think CoD is better?! Huh? As if there was any doubt.
    (Meanwhile other 3rd party games are looking at the two “champions” fighting)
    “Really? These guys! Phew yeah, you know we are probably above and beyond compared to these two ‘legends’.”

  28. A Sniper says

    I know this may sound like I'm a fanboy, but Halo 3 (2007) looks better than Cod WW2 (2017)

  29. Bill Wang says

    Why is the g 43 in bfv reloaded by stripper clips? Could it load both ways? BTW BFV>COD

  30. Fireball Inc. says

    I started in the series at battlefield 2. I played it when I wasn't that great at games and I got bored of it quickly. 9 years later, I bought battlefield 4. I loved the game so much despite the bugs, and then I saw hardline, which didn't peak my interest too much. Then I bought BF1, and hardline, and battlefield 3. I've played and enjoyed all of them, and I cannot wait for battlefield V. (I still need to try bad company games)

  31. Satisfactory Bagelfreund says

    COD WW2 – Pew pew pew
    BFV – Bang bang bang

  32. PsychoBoyJack says

    Dear Activision,

    The Bren MK1 is not a 50 Cal.

    Thank you

  33. Cam says

    What's the point of wrapping a wet towel on the STG when you're in a snow envirnment?

  34. Infant slayer says

    I think it’s a bit early to test sounds on bfv it’s dice we talking about they probably be changed by next week

  35. scottfeyenoord123 says

    Look i just hate cod as much as the next guy…. but are we gonna ignore the fact that the MP40 in BFV didn't fire from an open bolt?

  36. The Spammer says

    Ima just throw my magazine on the ground

  37. mesobad says

    I gotta say when I close my eyes and hear there sounds cod feels mediocre

  38. CinematicS Entertainment says

    Why Bren is sooooooo slow in cod? Holly shit.

  39. Kortmann Mateus says


  40. MPHPhotography says

    BF sounds better as usual… but I dont dislike the CoD sounds, they have their own likeable sounds.

  41. Dan006 d00d says

    in my opinion, the only thing cod did better than BFV is the reload for the walther. I don't really like the animation in BFV.
    Also, I hate the grip on the Bren Gun. It may give you an accuracy boost, but it is just disgusting

  42. CyprusIsGreek SFAKIANAKIS says

    I like bf5 sounds but somethings goin on with the snipers sound. I dont like it. Too monotonus and heavy sound

  43. Matthew Dalton says

    Battlefield sounds are better, but COD has smoother animations bfs look like crap

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