Not Swiftor Says … Potato Says in Fortnite Creative!


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What would happen if I gave a random player a chance to host one of these games right after we played Swiftor Says? We find out in this one where I put FieryPotato on the spot to see how he does. Keep in mind, he has NO CHANCE to prepare – so be kind.

Want to watch the original Swiftor Says #5? Right here:

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  1. swiftor says

    What do you think? Should the winner of each Swiftor Says give this a shot if they want? An easy 2nd vid for me, haha. Want to join btw? Read this plz:

  2. Bobby Image says

    Don’t know where to land? Last number of your like is where your dropping

    1.Tilted Towers
    2.Tomato Temple
    3.Lazy Links
    5.Polar Peek
    6.Frosty Flights
    7.Happy Hamlet
    8.Retail Row
    9.Salty Springs
    0.Paradise Palms

    You can also check out my montage if you want and drop a like also❤️ But if not that’s ok also😊

  3. Robin Banks says

    Swiftor never hurt anybody. Can we not spam his comment section?

  4. jacob settles says

    Subscribe to pewdie pie

  5. Geek Gaming says

    potato says subscribe to swiftor

  6. Gilbert Salinas says

    Propeper says chuugle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle

  7. Gilbert Salinas says

    Chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle gluugle chuggle

  8. KSM says

    Oh yeah yeah

  9. KSM says

    Oh yeah yeah

  10. EqualArcher 6878 says

    oh yeah yeah

  11. George_the_gecko says

    I like how you choose a fan instead

  12. JustBeingAlex says

    1 like = 50th place in the next games…
    10 likes = 30th place in the next game ….
    30 likes = 15th place in thel next game …
    75 likes = 10th place in the next game….
    100 likes = 8th place in the next game…
    200 likes = 5th place in the next game ….
    500 likes = 2nd place in the next game ….
    Sub to me = 1st place in the next game ….

  13. TheAnswer says

    His answers were wrong if you were using PEMDAS…

  14. Gamers rule 774 Max says

    Oh yeah yeah

  15. OwenThe SentryTurret says

    Oh no no

  16. itsblooms says

    this vid was boring ngl

  17. ッiDropPotatos says


  18. Dacie McCutcheon says

    Swifter had skin showing

  19. Sinaj Mitev says

    Potato sucks… I want swiftor not this kid

  20. Miraqle xo says

    the floor is way to trippy for my eye balls

    also this is great #potatosays
    also also love the channel keep up the great work dad x

  21. Iggy says

    Those kids talking about the item shop are so irratating my goodness

  22. Yolanda Caudell says


    Yai, I earned yesterday 18k V-Bùcks given for nothing.
    See my channel for the pass 📡📡


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  24. IssCrextion says


  25. Jack Tucker says

    Oh yeah yeah

  26. Luxxx says

    Tomato is toxic oh yeah yeah

  27. Cayn Iseri says

    Swiftor says is much better

  28. Fortnite Noob Plays says

    Lol maybe he is doing HIS homework just kidding

  29. Labi Tv says


  30. Disural says

    What if I said who tf cares swiftor

  31. Aleks Foltyn says

    ekil syas otatoP

  32. Lovelygina 13 says

    im not being mean or anything but i like it when you do it

  33. Djuerel best says

    oh yeah yeah

  34. so sad alexa play country roads says

    Swiftor says oh yeah yeah

  35. royale clasher says

    I don’t get why the last guy got killed?

  36. MML says

    Swift or i have an awesome video idea i made a some what capture the flag map which is very fun i played it with a lot of my friends and it’s very entertaining to watch.If you want me to i can clip what it looks like and to see what it’s all about.Just comment on here and i can explain more

  37. Sjunder OLLI says

    Oh yeah yeah

  38. Adem Tetik says

    Oh yeah yeah

  39. AUC Gaming says

    Potato says pin this comment

  40. ʟᴜɴᴀᴛɪᴄ says

    Im sorry i couldnt watch the entire video there was this kid who was always complaining about everything

  41. Rafael Barret says

    Who woulda guessed potato is a potato

  42. No videos 1,000 Subs Challenge says

    14:40 after 3 seconds does he say oh and then the s word?

  43. Infinite Entertainment says

    Show us the jail

  44. Adam Savoy says

    Yo Swift you should do the opposite of Swiftor says, so every time you don’t say Swiftor says they have to do it, and when you say Swiftor says, they have to ignore you

  45. croziier shambles says

    Subscribe to me for fake givaways

  46. PhoenixFire says

    Happy BDay 🥳

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