Minecraft: Hardcore Revival Ep. 11 – GEARED OUT

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41 thoughts on “Minecraft: Hardcore Revival Ep. 11 – GEARED OUT”

  1. If you want to do AFK fishing more efficiently, download a program called AutoHotKey and google for a script that toggles right click. Right click once, then get up and walk away while you continue to AFK fish

  2. Only 67k views after a full day? That's really low for one of Jardon's videos. Looks like for all the complaining people did for him to bring back Minecraft, they aren't actually watching.

  3. I'd like to see an update to villages with more interactivity, but tweaking the underground experience would be nice too, I remember when ravines and abandoned mineshafts were new I was so excited and now ravines are just an inconvenience to cross, it would be cool to see different types of ravines like smaller ones all the way to massive ravines that go to bedrock or something, some sort of underground village or something, new types of dungeons underground etc. With that being said what ever they do to the game will be really awesome!

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