Is This Guy Silver?! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 286


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Is This Guy Silver?! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 286

Chipsa calls someone a silver player but then falls off the map

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  1. Johnny Capilla says

    How do you 5 stack if nobody can solo queue with you?

  2. FabzXII says

    pls everyone share the solo/party ladder idea. i stopped playing cause of this you have no chance vs partys

  3. MichaelChiklisCares says

    Chipsa plays like silver tho.

  4. felix hughes says

    anyone know the song at 9:20 ?shazaam doesnt work over xqcs autistic screaming

  5. IceKink says

    to the ml7 clip:


  6. CrowSader says

    No chipsa, i'm not silver.

  7. Ian B says

    Chipsa is so fucking ugly, his mouth looks like his breath smells like his career, dogshit, he was the same wrinkled ass white tees every stream, you still got the “my mom makes me get a haircut” haircut, you look like you eat onions raw.

  8. poisenbery says

    omg he swapped to bastion mid translocate and the game translocated a bastion instead of a sombra

  9. colton says

    chipsa is a walking curb your meme

  10. DriedSquid8447 says

    jayne actual bot lmao

  11. John HEXA says

    Ist ml7 stupid? How you want 5stack separate from solo queue. Makes absolutely no Sense

  12. Jackblaze says

    9:20 which $uicideboy$ song is this?

  13. tastymancakes says

    at 7:26 are we just gonna ignore the 30K heals?

  14. Connor Lynn says

    I have a solution for chipsa either quit the game or don’t play doomfist

  15. Stari_Cat says


  16. Deadshot says

    You can call chipsa toxic but man, ever since I started playing doomfist all the shit he complains about happens so fucking often that there’s like 0% chance that you remain positive

  17. kramer911 says

    too much autists laughing like animals at max volume..
    why do people get so excited?

  18. Patrick McDermott says

    That saturn guy, holy SHIT a laugh ha never enraged me so much.

  19. Admiral Fujitora says

    where is my Boy kabaji?

  20. Get Fucked says

    sinatra is so garbage

  21. Kai Keeper says


  22. MEHRDAD says

    2:00 its a bug u can do with sombras trasnlocator u can put it outside of spawn then switch to a hero whaile translocating aaaaand this happens

  23. snapperman7 says

    What is the twitch emote in the thumbnail? I see it all the time but I don't even know what it's supposes to be/represent.

  24. Wonton Dumpling says

    7:28 30k healing?

  25. Leyown says

    didn't know sinatraa was bastion's voiceactor

  26. SocaSosa says


  27. Shane. 神 says

    Is chipsa a fat toxic nigga that attends the dickcheese convention yearly?
    I think so

  28. Blaparty says

    ”Is this guy silver”
    falls off like a silver

  29. Grystsh says

    Chipsa keeps getting thicker and thicker.

  30. IC3 Ghost says

    I love seeing chipsa get cucked lmao

  31. SunBun01 says

    5:52 im ded LOLOLOLOL

  32. BRAYAN Paramo says

    9:20 what song? It sounds like something by suicide boys but i cant tell

  33. MegaCap _ says

    I cannot escape that saturnsc clip. That fucking laughter could be used when torturing people.

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