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  1. Jamie says


  2. Alvaro Diego Maia says

    Good job!!! Is the project ready? Can we download it?

  3. theagrafiotis says

    what tablet are you using?

  4. Tommaso Famularo says

    that is friggin sweet :O
    also colorschemes should be a thing for this

  5. Cpt.AirWolf says

    This would be amazing if the color and layout could change based on the ship you were flying! I'd also love to see more animation when a button is clicked (since you don't get any tactile feedback).

  6. Jorge F says

    Cool really good Idea cant wait .

  7. Christian Djurberg says

    Where can I follow this project? Any webpage?

  8. Jeremy Walker says

    Do you have this for sale?

  9. Teh509 says

    The future…

  10. jsamples says

    OK, where can I get this APP for my Tablet ?

  11. R1po says

    so cool

  12. FredJiam says

    Great job man. I have a version that is all analogue, was going to wait till ship controls were finalized before dropping all of the switches into any pattern. Had two versions of a touch pad that were on my list of things to add, but now you've done all the work for me! Woot to fewer things to do in the future.

  13. Justin Kringstad says

    bro. that is awesome

  14. H2OSoarin says

    I highly doubt we will be getting API feed from CIG for SC server. If anything it will likely be a client side interface. If they release an SDK for SC in the future this will be trivial to do. I admire your commitment and hope the community get the tool support in the future. I have no idea how much of a shit show it is going to be trying to activate functions via keyboard in VR, my HOTAS has only so many buttons.

  15. Blake2423 says

    Looks pretty sweet to me keep it coming

  16. Luis Caballero says

    very nice please share if it posible i will be very happy thanks jejeje

  17. mrvei says

    looks great! keep up the great work

  18. TeazerCA says

    hell ya…. I want it now!!!! lol

  19. KevinHarper3DArtist says

    Nice I thought you werew using OSC, you need some button animations and toggle state visual feedback. Sounds for press confirmation would be really cool too. I use a X55 because I like physical buttons and switches but this is really nice too.

  20. TerminatorSAW2k says

    Where could i download ILMsux Star Citizen Tablet Control WIP v1???

  21. Zarian Val'Taire says

    Now THAT is Bad ass!

  22. boxofspam says

    That is bad ass. I agree earlier comment for the buttons to have a visual change when engaged / disengaged. I see a market for this.

  23. Harryontwowheels says

    Great work!

  24. JnohD says

    I might suggest a two-finger input for "Eject", one on either side of the screen? Would hate to pop that accidentally.

  25. Alex gaion says

    i want it !!!

  26. Ebon Nebula says

    Well, now I need to buy a stack of cheap old tablets, and build a cockpit…

  27. DeeZee says

    What a great looking and useful app! I am eager to see this out there. Terrific work.

  28. Bimmerphile1 says

    That is awesome! I've used the Roccat but it isn't nearly this nice.

  29. Glales says

    Next step, build an idris deck IRL.

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