GTA 5 – TSUNAMI + ANGRY PLANES [Grand Theft Auto V PC Mod]


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YES, I am aware angryplanes is full of malware. I recorded this a while ago. Everything is cleaned up now. You cannot get angry planes on the original website. Hopefully it will come back malware free, eventually. For now, there are plenty of other great mods ill be checking out.


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GTA 5 is a videogame made by Rockstar Games. I like it because it has guns, cars, killing, death, and mods. I sometimes play it in first person, other times I’ll play it in third person. No xboxone or ps4 for me, exclusively PC. These videos aren’t let’s plays, it’s just a compilation of funny moments or challenges. Thanks for watching, yokels.

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  1. Kyan Hudson says

    some one took king kong a little to seriously

  2. Isaiah Velarde says

    King Kong the sequel

  3. Sam Surrency says

    9:13, sweep the leg.

  4. Patrick Waters says

    Were do u get these mods

  5. Hunter Pettay says

    This is when idubbbz was pg

  6. Dreqdfull Animates says

    He's such a different person

  7. ]: says

    SO MANY C130s LOL

  8. ]: says

    he got killed by a C130 American plane its my fav plane

  9. JiffyPopper1923 says


  10. meme with birds says

    Just like King Kong as I remember


    Welcome to the absurd motherfricker

  12. Porpus Face99 says

    I wanna go whaling with you

  13. Elliot Olson says

    Is this King Kong?

  14. RiveNight says

    We need more

  15. Naruto Gaming says

    Idubbbz you missed a good name for your vid "911 In GTA"

  16. Tmnt but dead says

    King Kong

  17. brooks_11_ / CR4FT4life says

    8:30 sounds like a plot to a Dwayne Johnson movie

  18. Stupid Mickle says

    i just got a shitty league of legends ad, and a shitty guy said "AAAAA go-chu dough worry"

  19. Stupid Mickle says


  20. Christian Troxell says

    I could watch this shit for like 27 hours straight and not get board.

  21. Kuntley says

    pearl harbor?

  22. Luniz Moonz says

    Bruh delete the angry planes mod right now dude and tell maxmoefoe to cuz there's hackers I don't want you to get hacked Idubbz plz do it

  23. Ps Model says

    Is this King Kong?

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