Fortnite Glitches Season 5 (New) Become Completely Invisible For everyone on PS4/Xbox one 2018


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So guys in this video I am going to show you an amazing Glitch in Fortnite Battle Royale.

This Glitch will make you completely invisible for everyone in the game.

This Glitch works on all game mode on every consoles and PC.

Instructions :-

You guys need a launchpad and a guided missile to do this Glitch.
Place the launchpad and jump on it and as soon as you about to land on launchpad you have to shoot the guided missile and eventually you’ll be glitches out and your character will be like gliding.
If this happens that means you did the Glitch correctly and you’ll become invisible for everyone in the game.

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  1. Naunidh Kamboj says

    It work thanks you🙏🏻
    I love your video and glitches ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Trpzy says

    2 things what if i dont find a lunch pad and a gided i mean it works i tried it on playground

  3. Savage Gamer says

    Lol it’s not your glitch it was some amaricans

  4. Austin Fenn says

    Lol 15 minutes left, I can see other structures in the distance, lol is it that hard?
    Anyways great vid bro!

  5. lil Yus says

    Ur Da Best

  6. HigherLvLGaming says

    You are the reason good games die out, i hope u get banned

  7. HigherLvLGaming says

    You are the reason good games die out, i hope u get banned

  8. The Random Gamer says

    I would do this glitch if I couldn't get banned

  9. Swagg_BoiBill says

    Who else just clicks on the video and comes down to the comments to see if it actually works🤔 like if you do💯

  10. FreestyleBros says

    Sometimes it randomly glitches me back to the sky

  11. MellowArmy says

    Another insane glitch?

  12. Kermit The Frog says


  13. Artie Knight YT says


  14. DEMON WITHIN says

    Game breaking but cool

  15. Hasib YouTube says

    It happens on mobile too

  16. ToxicGaming says

    lol i figured this out before him look at my youtube vid

  17. Kyle Mendoza says

    Does he know how rarely the missile is?

  18. MOMINUL TV says

    It works I done it thank u

  19. v Stormzy says

    I love how much clickbait u have

  20. MPG Trippzy says

    People who use this are pathetic 😂

  21. stricko !! says

    Omg this works perfect thankyou so much

  22. DEVIL EYE says

    Can you make a glitch how to get free skins I just trust all videos are click bait

  23. DEVIL EYE says

    It’s awesome 😂 I was going every where and my friend though I was still there

  24. Meta Miner says

    Hey man I think I might have found a glitch of my own

  25. Spicy Tiger says


  26. bacon hari fam. says

    24 hrs later server are down

  27. Tomas pizano 70 says


  28. Mohammed Muawiyah says

    Its invincible not invisible

  29. OtakuGamer YT says

    Troll ninja try making a how get inside of the new purple cube glitch

  30. erdjan Boy says

    Your voice is fucktup

  31. Arezos Gaming says

    Thanks dude for listening to my comment

  32. Escanor Sama says

    You made me blow up my launch pad

  33. Jacob Martinez says

    I did it before he discovered it

  34. absar ali says

    Great video bro…..

  35. THOMAS TUMEO says


  36. Orange Sauce says

    Time for update v.1036456

  37. DrippyGawdz says

    wait how u go back to normal?

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