Ep.1 : Fortnite Daily Best Moments – Battle Royale

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Captain’s Log 3/30/2018 : I’ve been super busy these past few months . I have 2 kids now , you guys remember Lexa shes soon 3 y old and now there’s my little boy 3 months old, i didn’t post any vids of him yet , like i said ive been super busy . I’m just now getting back into doing YouTube content . Ive been posting gameplay for the past few months in my minimal spare time but to be honest i’m pretty sick of that since i quit league a while ago and the views / subs are also showing signs of being sick of it. So here it is , i want to start doing daily vids of best moments from multiple games , anything really. This one is from fortnite but don’t worry you league fans out there, ill also do some league ones ;p . Let me know in the comment section if you like these types of videos. ill try to answer some comments. Happy Easter holidays !! -Tekk
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A Himitsu – Lost Within

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8 thoughts on “Ep.1 : Fortnite Daily Best Moments – Battle Royale”

  1. What's with all the hate here? Tekk has been providing league videos and highlights for years now, sometimes uploading more than 20 times a week. Now if he wants to upload fortnite along with league what's the big deal. Just don't watch the fortnite videos if you don't like them its just so simple. Can't believe how ungrateful some people can be.
    Don't pay attention to them Tekk, keep up the good work.

  2. But why though..? Fortnite is so boring to watch, it's just a generic shooter with more downtime and some building. Don't sellout to a game that won't even last until the end of this year.

  3. Get the fuck out of there with you shitty ass battle royale game, we have enough of this shit why do you try to ruin all the work you have done here until now ??? I'm here for league so, not this shit that I see everywhere.

  4. Hello i´m from México, my english is bad but i want to say somethings, keep it up with the great job, i enjoy your lol's videos, and ill enjoy this new contect because i´m fortnite player too, congratz for the new baby, saludos desde México adiós.

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