EG vs VGJ.STORM – SumaiL vs YawaR – TI8 North America DOTA 2


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  1. johndrick Maru says

    shoutout plss 😀 !!

  2. Roy Macbeth Cloma says

    Only if eg would have pic reso instead of rtz..

  3. DutchBoy Alladdin says

    Fly and s4 was he problem

  4. Carl Dimayuga says

    MSS is a modern thesis on going from pos 3 to pos 4

    it's almost like VGJ has 2 offlanes because of how many plays MSS enables

  5. Aaron Cruz says

    Crit god , but fly doesnt fit to Eg.

  6. Rod Agustin says


  7. Jeremy Aber says

    EG still top tier?

  8. Kirsten Maramag says


  9. dhimas aji says

    cr1t is sooo good

  10. Totus Jesu says

    Eg out of ti now?

  11. mad khilla says

    8:05 look at that! BKB party! Hahaha! They all pop bkb at the same time. Lol

  12. FaradaOfficial says

    watching sufail playing qop makes me wanna vomit Storm suits him a lot better

  13. mark ethan says

    when liquid to fight?

  14. Purujit Gurjar says

    Fly is just the worst with EG

  15. Yeezy says

    Cant stop void late game
    Outdrafted and outskilled

    ez eg

    what now eg fangays?

  16. wenz 13 says

    sumail need to practice in bot

  17. ross says

    Chrono easily the best spell in the game imo. How do you deal with manta bkb void late game??

  18. Nana chan says

    seriously whats happend to eg its so hard to watch them rekt like this

  19. Boom Shakalaka says

    Watching RTZ-fuckboy lose is another level of satisfaction

  20. Andrew Raszewski says

    @5:30 what was he actually shackled to?

  21. Ronio Veranda says

    The King is back to mid!

    Oops! He's not the real king

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