Dota 2 – Shitstorm 3


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Enjoy and Merry Christmas !

Here comes the tracklist !

0:00 Fort Boyard Générique
0:15 The Coasters – Sh Boom Life Could Be A Dream
0:54 Hans Zimmer – Mind Heist
1:36 Epic Sax Guy
1:46 E.S. Posthumus – Unstoppable
2:12 Emotional Sad Piano Song (original)
2:28 Metal Gear Solid 2 Soundtrack – Main Theme
3:01 Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle
3:09 Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth
3:30 Two Steps From Hell – ASAP
4:05 Basshunter – Dota

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  1. Hansel noname says

    Are you still alive?

  2. elizer jay Villanueva says

    this vedio has perverted sceness

  3. MoRa kennyS and dendi is love says

    song 1:35?

  4. Autumn Rain says

    I just googled you because you go down so fast :O pls unintall all of your Games, you rly a total noob :O i am so sorry bambi-kid



  6. Daniel Alvarado Vargas says

    part 4 ;(

  7. Nevermore says

    Shitstorm 4 or riot

  8. Boada Cosuc says

    Where 'Shitstorm 4'??!?!

  9. Шакиров says


  10. IceShard says

    pls more :DD

  11. Thomas says

    PLUS DE SHITSTORM PLZ allez mec ils sont énormes faut que tu t'y remettes

  12. huntman777 says

    do more please best chanel

  13. _Tricky_Dota_ says

    Nice Videos 😀

  14. Emil Ramia says

    whats the video at 1:36?

  15. jean pierre Valencia says

    sube videos p no jodas XD

  16. murat birol says

    Nice videos, i'd love to see more of your work! GG WP!

  17. Knight Fox says

    wtf that coach?

  18. Frosty Zed says

    Can we please have 1 hour version of 1:34

  19. Diego sevla sever says

    who knows whats the song at 3:00?

  20. Koffeeheadboy says

    omg please make moar!

  21. Fauzaan Barreza says

    rockets dont go on top 10 weekly, it goes on dota 2 headshot in dotacinema

  22. Midninght Shells says

    1:24 what movie is that

  23. koriazstaz says

    I lost it at the coaching part.

  24. ye lin says

    + Moreeee

  25. Jumpin Kangaroo says

    is it Drade – Sandstorm at 4:05?


    DUde,DONT U DARE FO TUCKING STOP DOING THIS,i laugh to tears =))))) GG !

  27. mark teh says


  28. KoszosX says

    waiting for Shitstorm 4 ………

  29. BartorKrajczyk says

    ES clip made me feel sad ;-;

  30. Falkorn44 says

    Skin? Like a LoL skin? Remove this video immediately.

  31. anon746912 says

    Only just discovered this, loving it.

    Make more!

  32. Life Through My Lens says

    More please!

  33. gentz genov says

    Darude Sandstorm

  34. The Real Dopassist says

    dota 2 – shitstorm? more of like darude – sandstorm

  35. Robert Mendoza says

    more shitstorms >:C

  36. Reci Osam says

    I want the 10 hour version of 1:351:43

  37. Bartek Sojka says

    And another one !

  38. maymay enthusiast says

    It's so amazing.
    Thank you based vegas.

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