Dota 2 Guide for Beginners 2016


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Today we are bringing a Dota 2 guide for beginners and go over the basics of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre to help you improve! Let me know if you would like to see more videos!

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  1. master bitch says

    Every beginner tips always turn into a fucking hero review and it's trigger me

  2. LIQUID SNAKE says

    ive been watching my cousin play dota 1 and now I want to see a video that covers dota 2. Like what are the changes, what heroes got in or didnt make a return or new heroes. etc

  3. BarrelDa Bro says

    "Strength Heroes have uhh, more strength" Is this Guide Or Common Sense Vid? lol

  4. Ayoob Ali says

    wow complex

    Do you have another simpler more basic tutorial…which explains half of the terminologies you just used?

  5. Imilliond says

    does dota have a meta like lol does like specific champs would go top or an adc/support duo bot

  6. Sahil Mambilly says

    Thanks! Understood.

  7. Whogivesashit Tho says

    how do i jungler in dota 2?

  8. PurpleRain says

    Great Guide!

  9. Ethan Jake Torrejas says

    4-17…why would u even follow his tips

  10. Nguyệt Lâm says

    nice video, I understand things now

  11. Vitamin Cruz says

    is there any advice you have when it comes to running into a 1v1 situation with a support (intelligence) class who doesn't do too much damage? i find my self being the only one alive a lot of the time, and i get cornered by 1-2 other players. (In a mid lane team fight)

  12. Maynard Sy says

    is it bad that i came from playing lol? my settings is like lol for example: item slot placed on 123456 and my map is on the lower right corner. (sry for bad english i live in ph.)

  13. DrLucifer says

    can you lock screen on hero

  14. Abhishek Shrestha says

    what happens if i buy immotral courier do they not die

  15. Viraj Kamble says

    How to do exclamation mark (!) on map ?

  16. CamWoolan says

    well im new to dota 2 but i love moba like hots [heroes of storm]

  17. yoluisss says

    Is it ok if I play both League and Dota 2 ( also I don't just play MOBAs, I used to play CS, but Valve doesn't care about it anymore )

  18. Guk says

    Great job man helped me a lot as a came from smite. You just got a new sub 🙂

  19. ganesha kumar says

    thanks for such a gud explanation

  20. soxfriend123 says

    u didnt put the map on the screen :/

  21. marc rickabaugh says

    Much appreciated.fantastic guide helped me a ton

  22. GreenTKitKat says

    How do I recall or can you not like in league of legends

  23. PiesApple says

    Thank you, well explained 🙂

  24. MicroGiga says

    subbed <3

  25. Alex Wrfrme says

    Hi, I consider playing dota 2 and i got some questions: Is the learning of this game really that hard?
    And what kind of champions/heroes would you recommend me to play?

  26. Jordan Ryder says

    cheers dude

  27. Emerald City Skate Rats says

    great job

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