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  1. Rev Mir says

    I give thousand nice

  2. Valaki Valakije says


  3. Rym Haddad says

    you are to lucky fuck you

  4. Ken Zo says

    Counter Strike Global Offensive Zombies downloads pls?

  5. Tyler The Tire says

    Some reason i cant just play these servers. I just don't see it as fun as other modes.

  6. Nemanja Stojanovic says

    Hoe much you play counter strike sp00n?

  7. Carlo Ruiz says

    Hii guys I need your help plsss I have cs go but on ps3 but I can not play mod zombies or other serves what I can do ?? Plss help

  8. Heter CZ says

    and ip: ?

  9. MattV says

    The red crate

  10. MattV says

    There were in the back

  11. Zackie Dark says

    nova like a little boy 😀

  12. Ya Boi Vince says

    It sucks that there isn't anymore zombie survival servers 🙁

  13. Joel Norling says

    DAMN zombies be OP!!!

  14. johnathan rogers says

    Sp00n your clicking your keyboard I as loud as Kootras.
    I don't know whos louder

  15. Amine Amraoui says

    i hat this Mode of chiiit

  16. I cant pick a name says

    10:45 "Now you see me, now you don't, now you see me, now you don't"

  17. Green Ice says

    what the fuck can't stop laugh at the last one XD

  18. Anthony Enriquez says

    you have much to learn young grasshopper

  19. TheBadgerBoy123 says

    *no-one likes* FAIL

  20. Petar Lopik says

    hahaha xD

  21. ChaoticBlanket says

    me to i did not know that was his keyboard i want one soo i can do that sound all day c:

  22. James Friedenberg says

    6:39 "YEEEAAAAH fucking kill 'em!" *gets shot across the room* lmao

  23. TomNZBomb says



    No his not

  25. Noah Willard says

    like this if you think that they should make a zombie mode for the ps3 version of this game

  26. NewbieDoctor says

    Did you mean mouse?

  27. frozenDear says

    should be unlimited ammo of course 😀

  28. breezyman says

    im de 33333 viewer D:

  29. YouOnlyLiveTwice says

    You have to stay human for as long as possible. If a zombie knifes you, you become one and then have to go hunt out the rest of the humans. It's basically hide-and-go-seek

  30. Brynn Rogers says

    "Somebody touch my nipplesss" oh Nova.

  31. Joshua yang says

    I saw you in a game yesterday spoon

  32. Jamie Huynh says

    Nova : fucker

    Zombie : what ? you a fucker

  33. KappaCarrotCake says

    Play zombie panic source!

  34. MrSnowman says

    There are.

  35. Fangz says

    member even if a map is only 2 rooms there are always secrets so always look everywhere for all kinds of secrets, walls buttons, floor panals also epic videos XD

  36. Fangz says

    they need counterstriek for 360 global offensive is like 360 version

  37. Wade Wright says

    How much you want to bet he found red bubble when he was looking for redtube?

  38. DaLatinKnight says

    They stacked the soda machines by thing them until they went on top of each other

  39. Joe says

    i finally found sp00ns channel i always Favorited him on nova channel… but i haven't ever seen cs global is this the game you did trouble in terrorist town on?

  40. TeenyBooch says

    Skiing maps maybe? 😀

  41. I says

    Sp00ns impression of Nova at the end there!! I LITERALLY was LMAO!!

  42. Cubulation says

    I love how Sp00n is a pro at this knowing all the stuff to buy and get ready while Nova just buys a shotgun and runs.

  43. leopardgamez says


  44. leopardgamez says

    awwww Thanks 🙂

  45. RandomBananaSalad says

    I wish i had a beastly computer like sp00n :/

  46. undertaker4700 says


  47. JaAeNoHaRa says

    What was the bloobbloolloolb noise means

  48. Irradiated Sam says


  49. corey r says

    mzombie skin kinda suck

  50. charthepayne says

    I luv sp00n 5eva!! (Coz 4eva ain't long enough! lolz!)

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